Mini Tank Elite Driving Experience

Mini tanks are an exciting alternative to Quad Bikes and Go Karts.  Engineered in Britain, they are genuine miniature versions of the full-sized Army tanks.

Mini Tanks are fully tracked, one-person machines that will pretty much go anywhere and run in all weathers, even snow!

Fantastic for children’s parties offering outdoor excitement for children aged 8 and over.  Children can drive them on their own – how cool is that? – and parents can sit back and relax knowing their children are safe driving around in tanks designed for the job.

Suit up and climb in!  You will be provided with a camouflage combat overall to wear over your clothing during the experience and after a safety briefing and instructions on how to control the tank using the 2 hydraulic hand levers, you will set off around our specially designed woodland course.  Participants take it in turns to drive the tanks and those awaiting their turn can watch their friends progress.

Your party need not finish when the driving ends…you will also have use of our picnic area after your session.  Bring your own party food or order in!

Key features:

Honda 13 bhp GX-390 petrol engine

Top speed of 6mph

Roll cage

Safety harness



Mini Tanks have been available in other parts of the country for some time, but we are the only track in the South East of England.  So come to our specially designed battleground either on your own or with a group of friends or family and experience what it’s like to be in control of a real tank.  Unforgettable fun!

1 Tank (suitable for up to 2 people) – 60 minutes – £150

2 Tanks (suitable for up to 8 people) – 90 minutes – £230

3 Tanks (suitable for up to 12 people) – 90 minutes – £300

Sessions are run regularly with the following start times:
March to October: 10am   12pm   2pm
November to February: 10am   12:30pm

For further information, please see our FAQs.

Call now to check the latest availability and book your experience!